Roasted Cornish Game Hens with Garlic, Herbs and Lemon

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I’ve always loved Cornish game hens.  Growing up they were our traditional New Year’s Eve dinner for many years.  Not only were they delicious, they also catered perfectly… Read More »


Honey Glazed Pork Chops

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I really struggled with pork chops when I first started learning how to cook. I served up several meals of dry borderline inedible pork chops before I discovered… Read More »


Scotch Eggs

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Saturday, September 13th I auditioned for FOX TV’s MASTERCHEF. It’s a culinary competition for home chefs – with judges Gordon Ramsey, Graham Elliot and Joe Bastianich. The request… Read More »


Curried Peaches

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It never occurred to me to roast peaches with curry – but honestly, it is one of the most groundbreaking dishes for me. You can alter the spice/sugar… Read More »


Chicken Roulade with Spinach and Mushrooms

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I actually got this idea from Gordon Ramsey – – here’s his video – he makes it look so super easy – and honestly, it is! My filling… Read More »


S’mores Cupcakes

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So – I’m not a big baker. It’s not that I can’t – it is honestly that I usually don’t have time to do it right; and just… Read More »


Three Step Orange Pork Chops

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The McGoldberg household loves pork chops! This is one of our favorite preparations. The combination of fresh herbs and the tart orange flavor of marmalade are surprisingly compatible…. Read More »

Tuna Tar Tar with Mango and Peppers

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Put vinegar in small pot over medium heat and reduce it until it will coat a spoon and reserve. Trim the tuna of any skin, blood spots and… Read More »


Southern Soul Brunswick Stew

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Georgians claim that Brunswick stew originated in their state. Their recipes often include green (English) peas; if you want to add them, do so in the last 10… Read More »


Tomato Tortellini Soup

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Tomato soup has always been my favorite. You can’t go wrong with a classic. And by adding cheese tortellini, it just makes it that much better. You will… Read More »


Easy Slow Cooker Pulled Pork

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The whole point of using a slow cooker is to get the ingredients into the cooker quickly and then be able to walk away. For this easy pulled… Read More »


Slow Cooker Beef Stroganoff

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Particularly when heavy long-distance biking season kicks in (March, April and May) I am always looking for dishes I can cook in the crockpot. My Mom used to… Read More »


Fresh Vegetable and Shrimp Stir Fry

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Sometimes you just want a meal that is fast and fresh. Well this one certainly fits that bill. It’s a single pot meal – which can be served… Read More »


Basil Pesto

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Seeing people buy expensive “designer pesto’ at the store makes me sad, because it so so SO much better freshly made. And if you have five ten minutes?… Read More »

Gnocchi on board

Homemade Gnocchi!

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Pasta is one of those dishes that can be super-high on the home cooking intimidation scale. But – if you’d like to start out a bit simpler in… Read More »


Baked Ravioli for Two

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This is as close as I get to posting a recipe that is pretty much heat and serve. Using tomatoes and enchilada pepper sauce as a base, this… Read More »


Blender Cayenne Hollaindaise

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A few years ago, I bought myself a birthday present that I’d been wanting for a very long time– Julia Child’s “Mastering the Art of French Cooking.” There’s… Read More »


In the Kitchen #38:
French Gougeres with Lavendar & Gruyere

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Pate a choux derives from the old French meaning “to cherish” or cabbage paste because of its shape, this pastry has been in use since the sixteenth century…. Read More »


Mom’s Beef Stew

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Honestly – a good old fashioned beef stew recipe like this is a comfort food everyone can remember from their childhood. I love making it – because it’s… Read More »


Burber Omellete

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This recipe was posted on NPR’s food blog – and well, looked way too good not to post and share here on Bob’s Cooking. The best thing about… Read More »


Cream Biscuits

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I recently made brunch and posted pictures of my cream biscuits, and I had several requests for the recipe – the recipe is from the fabulous baking blog,… Read More »


Easy Sausage Hash

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Nothing says weekend breakfast more to me than poached eggs over hash. And from the looks of things (how quickly the plate gets empty?) so does my husband…. Read More »


Cornbread Pudding with Squash and Leeks

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This is based on an Alton Brown recipe for Sweet Corn Bread Pudding. The original uses stale bread cubes, creamed corn, and a cornmeal-parmesan custard to create a… Read More »


Slowcooker Apple Butter

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Apple butter has become one of my favorite things to stock up on during the fall season when it’s plentiful at farmer’s markets, orchards and local grocery stores…. Read More »


Tartin Style Baked Apples

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Recently I experimented making tartin apples. Basically its apples cut in the style for a french tart, but without the crust. I adjusted the baking time a little… Read More »


Buttered Peas and Pearl Onions

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One of my biggest lessons in the kitchen is that incredible food isn’t always super duper hard. My fellow blogger Carianna Gischer (Check out her aweseomness @ asked… Read More »


Beet Salad with Feta and Pomegranates

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I admit it – while they are in season – I eat a lot of beets. Fresh beets versus the scary red ones in the can are a… Read More »


Herb Citrus Turkey Breast

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Gobble, Gobble – it’s turkey time again. Last year when I was home with family in Oregon – I winged (see what I did there?) this recipe with… Read More »

Dover Sole in Parchment

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I love dover sole, but it’s a delicate fish and a lot of cooking methods destroy it quickly. Take my word for it – it doesn’t bbq well… Read More »


Gingered Pears with Creme

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Ginger is an amazing ingredient. When matched with a sweet fruit, it transforms into one of the most delicious dessert combos I know of. This recipe uses seasonal… Read More »


Indian Cucumber Salad

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I love english (seedless) cucumber – and use it a lot in salads and side dishes. It is often crunchier than a traditional cuke; and absorbs and takes… Read More »


Tandoori BBQ Chicken with Grilled Tomato Jam

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There are few food that make me happy like Tandoori Chicken Breast. When I have lots of time – I’ll do it the traditional way (see my recipe… Read More »


Pluot Chutney

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I really made an effort to this summer to get into salsas and savory chutneys. I tried several – and the only real standout I wanted to share… Read More »


Stir Fried Tamarind Eggplant

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Eggplant is notorious for absorbing the oil when it’s fried, so to solve that problem we start by stir-frying cubed eggplant in just a small amount of oil… Read More »


Dover Sole Duglere

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“Filet of Sole, poached in white wine, mushrooms, tomatoes and shallots finished with a tarragon infused fish veloute sauce” is how this dish was described to me bv… Read More »


Chicken with Citrus Butter Sauce

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Pan sauce chicken is a weeknight staple in the McGoldberg Treehouse. Slowly cooking chicken in a rich citrus sauce is pretty hard not to knock-out-of-the-park every single time…. Read More »


David Lebovitz’s 5-Star Chocolate Sorbet

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I don’t make a whole lot of desserts, particularly ice creams because of the often high fat content. (and my inability to have just a little) Despite having… Read More »

bacong and egg

Captain Adorable’s Bacon & Egg Muffins

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This past weekend my Mom was in town, and my friends Rick and Kevin (aka, Captain Adorable) treated her to a brunch at their beautiful East Bay home. … Read More »


Roasted Chicken with Citrus, Rosemary & Fresh Garlic

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Few things say comfort food like roasted chicken. This is a quick and easy way to get that slow roasted citrus chicken flavor but in a whole lot… Read More »

Asparagus salad 107

Asparagus, Melon & Crispy Prosciutto Salad

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I originally saw this on Food Network with Giada Delaurentis, and I have to be honest – not all of her recipes have been “knock’em out of the… Read More »


Bowtie Pasta with Creamy Leeks and Pancetta

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This meal took about fifteen minutes to make. It was so easy. But more than that, it was absolutely delicious. And now for the truth: I am a… Read More »


Wild Mushroom Risotto

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Few dishes are the “zen” of cooking like risotto for me. Risotto takes patience, and the perfect blend of flavors. I had an evening free tonight and broke… Read More »


Maple Brine Pork Chops with Roasted Pear Chutney

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Pork Chops used to slay me in the kitchen – until I learned brining. Today – I’m brining pork chops in kosher salt, maple syrup, dijon mustard, hot… Read More »


California Salad Nicoise

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Salad Nicoise is such a simple and fun dish. and most of the components can be made ahead of time, since it’s a cold salad. Neither the hubby… Read More »

Spicy Green Salad with Pears and Manchego

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  Need a simple weeknight meal – or a crowd-pleasing meal starter on the weekends? Look no further than this salad. The gutsy contrast of assertive greens with… Read More »

Satsuma Mandarin Sorbet and Bob’s Bourbon Fruitcake

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Right now – mandarins are in season and they are my favorite seasonal fruit. (okay, summer peaches come close, but…) nothing comes close for me to the natural… Read More »

Appetizer: Kumquat Chutney

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If you are looking for a fresh seasonal ingredient to try something new in your kitchen, I bet most of us have never cooked with kumquats. This unique winter… Read More »


‘New York Style’ Clam Chowder

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Well – this recipe was fun to research. My husband, Dave, is not a fan of traditional creamy New England Clam Chowder.  It turns out however, he’s in… Read More »


Slow Cooker Chicken Mole

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I love mole – and it was a recipe that intimidated me for a very long time. That was, however, until I found this slow cooker version –… Read More »


Cranberry Quinoa

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Cranberry Pomegranate Quinoa 1 cup rinsed quinoa 2 cup CranRaspberry Cranberry Juice Coctail Combine the juice and quinoa in a pan – and bring to a gentle boil…. Read More »


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Every year for David’s birthday – I make ciopinno. (OMG, I’m sounding like the Barefoot Contessa and her gay husband!) It’s a labour of love that takes a… Read More »


Easy Swedish Glögg

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This past weekend I was treated to a delicious glass of Glögg. My friend Tom served it as part of our book club lunch on Saturday. Glögg has been… Read More »


‘In-The-Kitchen #37′ : Roasted In-The-Pumpkin Soup

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I love squash soup – and this variety of roasted pumpkin, with the added sweetness of apples and sweet corn really is fantastic. But – cooking it in… Read More »

Butter-Poached Tilapia with Lemon Basil

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I do love tilapia and most white fish – and for our “Friday Night Plate” – my friend Gary suggested poached fish for dinner. Who am I to… Read More »


Braised Chicken Thighs

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Nothing makes me happier than a quick dish I can prepare at the end of a workday – and really ENJOY. Braising chicken thighs is easy, delicious and… Read More »


Spinach Orzo with Fresh Pesto and Tomatoes

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If you’re among the crowds of those who have overflowing basil plants waiting to be used up before the weather takes a turn, making pesto is a great… Read More »


Ratatouille Pie

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I’m always searching for ways to reinvent classic dishes – and make something healthy and delicious. The word Ratatouille actually comes from the french term “touiller,” which means… Read More »


2012 Holiday Appetizer #1:
Lavender, Feta & Carmelized Apple Puffs

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Each year at Bob’s Cooking, I work to come up with three new appetizers – that are easy and fun to make. The onslaught of holiday parties that… Read More »


‘The Big Dish’ Winning Recipe!
Spinach Frittata with Mango & Tomato Salad

In Main Course On October 4, 2012 1 Comment

UPDATE: (12/9) The episode aired tonight and I’m the winner! HOW EXCITING! The recipe will be on the lunch menu at Bucks in Woodside from 12/9 to 12/22…. Read More »


Marinated Feta Fall Salad

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I eat salad a lot, and entree sized ones particularly on weekday nights. Particularly if work gets you home later in the evening, it is better for you… Read More »


Roasted Citrus Chicken

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Ingredients 4 or 4.5 pound whole chicken, if frozen completely thawed 1/4 cup olive oil 4 shallots, minced 4 tablespoons orange zest, from 2 medium oranges 4 tablespoons… Read More »


Yellow Mango Curry Stuffed Dover Sole

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I posted a photo of this recipe to my Facebook and I’ve never had so many people emailing me asking for the recipe. The best part of it… Read More »


Scalloped Potatoes

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Scalloped potatoes have two kinds of fans: fans that like rich thinly sliced potatoes soaking in a thick creme sauce and those that like the crispy browned crispy… Read More »


Stuffed Tomatoes

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This recipe literally was the result of putting all my favorite things in a basket at the market and then deciding what exactly to do with it when… Read More »

Sweet & Sour Meatballs

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Baked meatballs in a tangy sweet and sour sauce is a real crowd pleaser. I ball up my meatballs and cook them in advance; either right before making… Read More »


Hot Broccoli Crunch

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Broccoli crunch is a favorite summer salad – but it takes on an entire new flavor and personality quick stir fried and served piping hot. This salad has bite,… Read More »

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Millionaire Shortbread Cookies

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Who doesn’t love shortbread cookies? and chocolate? and caramel? We all do – which is why millionaire shortbread is such a hit. Reducing sweetened condensed milk for the… Read More »


Old Fashioned Orange Creamsicles

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So David declared one evening that he didn’t think a “creamsicle” could be made in such a fashion as to be considered a ‘gourmet’ dessert. So off to… Read More »

My Top Vegetarian “Go-To” Dishes

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My friends Ian and Chris – both recently wrote me asking what my favorite vegetarian recipes are, so I went back through my archive and here are my… Read More »


Mango Mousse Tarts with Shaved Ginger

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Mango Mousse is so easy – and a refreshing change from traditional chocolate mousse. One of those recipes that chefs try to make sound like a un-climbable mountain – mousse… Read More »


Valencian Paella for Two

In Fish, Main Course, Seafood, Shrimp On June 29, 2012 2 Comments

There are few things my hubby likes more than a paella. It’s the perfect dish for Dave – it has spice, tomatoes and a perfect combination of chicken,… Read More »