Food Stylist Adam Pearson & Chef/Food Blogger Matt Armendariz (photos from (

Through the amazing interwebz – I was recently introduced to Matt Armendariz and Adam Pearson. Talk about a powerfully creative couple?


Matt Armendariz is the creator of , a food blog started in 2005. Since then, Matt has been named as one of the top ten food blogs by The Times Online, and has been featured in Bon Appetit, appeared on Martha Stewart, and the accolades keep coming. click here to read the interview with Matt, it’s really awesome!

Matt’s partner is Adam Pearson ( – an innovative food stylist. He has styled foodstuffs for such clients as Whole Foods, Food Network, Chiquita Banana (yes, THAT Chiquita), and POM Wonderful. Yes, this is the man who styled those fruits so beautifully that you HAD to buy and eat those lovely California pomegranates. also did a great interview with Adam that you can read by click here

I highly recommend subscribing to – and adding Matt’s incredibly accessible writing about food and culture, accompanied by Adam’s breathtaking view of food through his camera – – to your daily dose of the web. You’ll be glad you did!